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Shooting Furniture

Shooting Furniture is a company engaging in renting furniture and props for film shooting. But many of our clients use our services also when organizing various festive, ceremonial and promo actions and events. We concentrate above all on lending contemporary furniture and all modern design stuff. Our offer on furniture and props represents a wide reach of objects devised and designed by eminent artists and profesionals in contemporary applied arts as well as Czechoslowak design (above all of the second half of the 20. century) but also from the beginning of this century.



We provide road transport Peugeot Boxer.

Rental conditions and pricing

PRICES for a rent product which are stated above each photo is fixed for one week of lending (Prices do not include VAT). For a longer one week we provide a 15% discount. For lending lasting more than 14 days the price will be fixed on base of a mutual agreement.

In case of a product damage, we will discuss the price increase individually. Should the product be damaged significantly, or is damaged beyond any repair, the deposit becomes forfeit, i.e. the borrower has purchased the product for its quintuple purchace price.


Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.